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Change is afoot in the hearing care industry. Big-box stores and other retailers sell hearing aids. Patients comparison shop online. If passed, the federal Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act will add the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s regulatory stamp to approved OTC devices. As a result, hearing care practitioners have to decide whether and how to adapt their business plans. An obvious first step is to reconsider your service-delivery model. So,“bundling” the cost of hearing aids with the cost of treatment may no longer be the most productive approach. New Legislation The OTC Hearing Aid Act was reintroduced on March 20. It was...

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9 Tips for Increasing Your Hearing Aid Sales

Do you need tips on what works best to boost sales at your hearing care practice–particularly in a market with competing forces such as lower-priced products at “big box” retailers like Costco or over-the-counter products online? These 9 tips should help you improve your hearing aid sales.

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