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Best Practices: Helping Patients Feel Welcomed in the Practice

When a patient enters a practice, they begin looking for “clues” that will either encourage them to engage and choose hearing health or discourage them. In this 2-minute video, Nola Aronson explains how she helps patients feel welcomed and engaged and ensures nobody who is in need of hearing care walks out of her practice without the hearing devices they need.

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Solutions-Oriented Care: Nola Aronson, MA

This year, Aronson’s Santa Clarita, Calif-based practice, Nola Aronson’s Advanced Audiology celebrates 30 years in business. Aronson also has a part-time office in Mission Hills, Calif, and recently purchased Audiology Services of Newhall, also in Santa Clarita.

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CareCredit Helps Patients Pay for Hearing Aids

You can offer the CareCredit healthcare credit card as a financing option to bring more patients to your office who might otherwise go to big retailers to search for low-priced hearing aids. By letting patients know you are a CareCredit provider, you help more patients buy the hearing aids they need.

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