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Maintaining an Ongoing Relationship with Your Customers

View this video to learn: The four keys to delivering an exceptional patient experience that drives loyalty and referrals:  Website – Must be transparent (reasonable pricing, mobile-friendly, include reviews, and availability of services). Convenient Access – Some evening and weekend hours, good parking, and clear signage indicating where the patient needs to go. Online Scheduling  Virtual Channels – Providing access to the audiology practice via text or email. How to make long-lasting, durable relationships with your patients Fostering positive encounters: Navigable Facilities No-Wait Visits Respectful Interactions – Patients want to feel as though they are maintaining control and are part of the process. Easy Payment – CareCredit can help create financing solutions for patients. How to customize your marketing to your patient’s needs – Sending patients what’s relevant to their particular situation. Tina Soika discusses the importance of creating an “incredible customer experience,” an expectation that potential clients now have in today’s marketplace. This expectation has been shown to trump other loyalty drivers, such as cost or clinical quality, in importance. One way to garner patient loyalty and a positive customer experience is for office staff to maintain a line of communication with their clients, either by phone or email, as a way to show they are attentive and responsive to current or future needs their patient may have. Additionally, patients want to know their hearing care practice provides...

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Patient Factsheet: Keeping Your Hearing Intact This Summer

Summer is a time of relaxation and repose as warmer weather, vacations, and activities beckon many out-of-doors. Unfortunately, as many hearing care practitioners are all too aware of, the arrival of summer also means that the noise level gets turned up a notch. Activities such as fireworks, loud concerts/music festivals, and motorized sports are fun. However, overdoing it causes “temporary” hearing loss and ringing of the ears, which can eventually lead to permanent hearing loss. Sounds at or exceeding 85 dBA are harmful over a prolonged period of time. Despite the tendency to relax your vigilance during the laid-back...

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It is just part of the day in the life of an audiologist: new patients. And inevitably, they will have the same questions and concerns that the person before them had. Losing your hearing is a terrifying prospect, but it’s not the only concern patients will have on their minds. If you want to create a more productive environment, which, in turn, will lead to greater retention, consider leading the appointment by addressing patient’s top five concerns right off the bat. Before your patients even have a chance to ask. It Costs Too Much It should come as no surprise that the...

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Patient-First Care: Alison Vega, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA

For Alison Vega, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA, a career in audiology initially seemed rooted in practicality, but she quickly became enamored with what has now become a passionate undertaking. Like many young people grappling with the seemingly endless array of potential career choices during college, Vega’s path took a meandering turn along the way to job fulfillment.

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Change is afoot in the hearing care industry. Big-box stores and other retailers sell hearing aids. Patients comparison shop online. If passed, the federal Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act will add the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s regulatory stamp to approved OTC devices. As a result, hearing care practitioners have to decide whether and how to adapt their business plans. An obvious first step is to reconsider your service-delivery model. So,“bundling” the cost of hearing aids with the cost of treatment may no longer be the most productive approach. New Legislation The OTC Hearing Aid Act was reintroduced on March 20. It was...

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