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Expert care and the latest technology may not be enough to compete in today’s hearing care market. Audiologists and hearing aid retailers must position themselves as experts and thought leaders to attract new patients. People in your community are suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus. They are looking for help online. When they find your website, your level of expertise should be clear. You must appear to be more than a provider who happens to work in your market. Prospective patients should see you as a leader in your field. Hearing care professionals use three secret strategies to attract more...

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Expert Tips for Creating and Using Patient Testimonials

Allowing your patients to give their views on your website and other marketing channels can enhance your credibility and produce leads for your practice. These testimonials can have a positive influence on new patients who are considering your services, and also on loyal patients’ choices in purchasing hearing care products.

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9 Tips for Increasing Your Hearing Aid Sales

Do you need tips on what works best to boost sales at your hearing care practice–particularly in a market with competing forces such as lower-priced products at “big box” retailers like Costco or over-the-counter products online? These 9 tips should help you improve your hearing aid sales.

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