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Change is afoot in the hearing care industry. Big-box stores and other retailers sell hearing aids. Patients comparison shop online. If passed, the federal Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act will add the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s regulatory stamp to approved OTC devices. As a result, hearing care practitioners have to decide whether and how to adapt their business plans. An obvious first step is to reconsider your service-delivery model. So,“bundling” the cost of hearing aids with the cost of treatment may no longer be the most productive approach. New Legislation The OTC Hearing Aid Act was reintroduced on March 20. It was...

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Patient Factsheet: Addressing Hearing Loss With Your Doctor

It may be difficult for patients to broach the topic of hearing loss with their doctors. They don’t know how, or when, to bring it up. And maybe they’re afraid that the doctor won’t take them seriously. Given the concerns that many patients have, it’s imperative that practitioners are prepared for these difficult conversations. Because taking the first step is important. Being prepared to address your patient’s concerns is also important. The Better Hearing Institute (BHI), the educational arm of the Hearing Industries Association (HIA), has released a digital flipbook for patients who may be wondering how to bring up the topic of hearing loss with...

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Recent technological advancements have transformed the hearing care industry. Analog hearing aids are out. Digital processing systems are in. Patients like that new devices are more powerful and efficient than their ancestors. Many patients also appreciate the advanced functionality that they deliver. Don’t be afraid to geek out with your tech-savvy customers. Get them excited about their purchases. Educate them on the virtues of the latest trends in hearing care technology. Building an emotional connection between patients and devices can help close the sale. Creating excitement helps ensure they will return for the care they need. Let’s take a closer look at five of the latest trends in...

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Best Practices: Helping Patients Feel Welcomed in the Practice

When a patient enters a practice, they begin looking for “clues” that will either encourage them to engage and choose hearing health or discourage them. In this 2-minute video, Nola Aronson explains how she helps patients feel welcomed and engaged and ensures nobody who is in need of hearing care walks out of her practice without the hearing devices they need.

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As far as you’re concerned, your hearing care practice has it all. Your training, skill, and experience. The latest technology and a friendly and efficient staff. Unfortunately, your offices might look a bit different from the perspective of a new or returning patient. When you think of all the doctors’ and dentists’ offices you have visited, what were the little things—good or bad—that you remember about your experience?

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