Think you have a hearing loss? The first step is making an appointment with a hearing care professional to get a hearing test.

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The Better Hearing Institute (BHI)  has compiled a list of what you should expect during your appointment with an audiologist or other hearing care practitioner (HCP).  In this article, we’ll share the highlights, edited and adapted from the BHI website.

  1. You will be examined with an otoscope, a medical tool that allows an HCP to examine your eardrum and ear canal closely for any abnormalities.
  2. While seated in a glass-sound booth, you’ll be played a series of sound prompts through headphones, to determine if you are able to hear certain sounds/words at different volumes.
  3. Your HCP will sit down and ask questions about your general and hearing health.

If it’s determined that you have hearing loss, your HCP will talk to you about treatment options, which may include hearing aids. The decision to purchase a hearing aid can be overwhelming, and the BHI recommends reviewing your options and taking as much time as needed to make a decision.

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This content is provided to the 4MyHearingBiz community by CareCredit and also adapted from an article on the BHI website.