For people calling into your office, their first impressions of your hearing care practice—and answers to the important questions they have—hinge almost entirely on the skills of your receptionist. Given that it costs about $800 to acquire a new customer, calls that don’t turn into appointments are a drain on resources and could impact your bottom line.

In this 18-minute webinar, courtesy of CareCredit, hearing industry expert Von Hansen discusses five learnable traits that receptionists should be focused on so that they come across as comfortable and confident to prospective clients:

  1. Having a clear idea of what your business needs and the ability to convey it with conversational ease.
  2. Knowing how to control a conversation without coming across as pushy or aggressive.
  3. Knowing the answers to commonly-asked questions involving price, insurance, and types of hearing aids offered.
  4. The ability to control a conversation that has veered off-course, smoothly and easily.
  5. Being able to optimize your advertising dollars by turning a high percentage of callers into third party appointments.

Hansen discusses the goals you as the hearing care practitioner should have for your business, and provides a sample phone script that can be used by your receptionist or patient care coordinator (PCC) when answering the phone.

Additionally, the webinar discusses the most opportune time to bring up patient financing, as well as the best strategies for turning callers into long term clients.

To see the webinar, click here.