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  • The four keys to delivering an exceptional patient experience that drives loyalty and referrals:
    •  Website – Must be transparent (reasonable pricing, mobile-friendly, include reviews, and availability of services).
    • Convenient Access – Some evening and weekend hours, good parking, and clear signage indicating where the patient needs to go.
    • Online Scheduling 
    • Virtual Channels – Providing access to the audiology practice via text or email.
  • How to make long-lasting, durable relationships with your patients
  • Fostering positive encounters:
    • Navigable Facilities
    • No-Wait Visits
    • Respectful Interactions – Patients want to feel as though they are maintaining control and are part of the process.
    • Easy Payment – CareCredit can help create financing solutions for patients.
  • How to customize your marketing to your patient’s needs – Sending patients what’s relevant to their particular situation.

Tina Soika discusses the importance of creating an “incredible customer experience,” an expectation that potential clients now have in today’s marketplace. This expectation has been shown to trump other loyalty drivers, such as cost or clinical quality, in importance.

One way to garner patient loyalty and a positive customer experience is for office staff to maintain a line of communication with their clients, either by phone or email, as a way to show they are attentive and responsive to current or future needs their patient may have. Additionally, patients want to know their hearing care practice provides comprehensive services as a one-stop-shop where their hearing needs can be met.

Soika suggests utilizing surveys in a practice to ask customers what they want from their healthcare provider, as an overwhelming number of people—86% of people 55 and older—are using online reviews to make purchasing decisions. For example, research has shown the high correlation of the “net promoter question” (eg, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or family member”) to a person’s likelihood to buy again from a provider or recommend them to others.

About the Speaker: 

Tina Soika, President of Amercian Hearing Aid Associates (AHAA). Joining AHAA as its Chief Operating Officer in June 2000, Tina was responsible for all accounting, operations, administration, and technology initiatives. In 2003, Tina was named President. Prior to joining AHAA, she served as Senior Vice President of Operations for NovaCare Inc. Tina holds a Master’s Degree and Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech/Language Pathology.