Nola Aronson uses CareCredit in her Valencia, Calif-based audiology practice.When a patient enters a practice, they begin looking for “clues” that will either encourage them to engage and choose hearing health or discourage them. In this two-minute video, Nola Aronson explains how she helps patients feel welcomed and engaged and ensures nobody who is in need of hearing care walks out of her practice without the hearing devices they need.

Nola Aronson shares how CareCredit has benefited her audiology practice.

About the Speaker: Nola Aronson, AuD. is owner of Advanced Audiology, a thriving audiology practice located in Valencia, Calif. Nola received a Master’s Degree in audiology from California State University, Long Beach in 1982. Nola holds certifications of clinical competence from the American Hearing and Speech Association and the American Academy of Audiology. She is licensed by the state in audiology and hearing aid dispensing. She has practiced audiology in Los Angeles County for 24 years; 15 of those have been in the Santa Clarita Valley.

This Video Spotlight is shared with the 4MyHearingBiz community courtesy of Mindshare Creative and CareCredit.