For many healthcare practitioners, having a television in the waiting room is a useful way to keep patients occupied and entertained when waiting for their appointment. Although having the television tuned to a travel or food channel may seem like a good choice, there are far better ways to utilize this brief window of time—an important period when you can educate, prepare, and make a positive impression on your patients.

As ClearSounds Communications CEO Michele Ahlman explains in this video from a feature session at the 2016 Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) convention, it is critical for hearing care professionals to both engage with their patients and reaffirm that visiting YOUR practice is an excellent decision. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use digital video streaming as an educational platform in your waiting room. Keeping patients focused on hearing healthcare is key for those moments leading up to the appointment. Ahlman outlines three strategies for maximizing this time, making a good impression, and keeping patients interested in what you have to say:

  • 10-10-4 Strategy – In order to create content for video vignettes in your waiting room, Ahlman suggests writing down a list of 10 questions and answers your patients ask you and 10 questions and answers your patients should be asking you. Additionally, there are four ways that your custom content can be utilized into an effective video messaging strategy for patients: Call to Action, Webpage tie-in, Thank You in Advance, and “What Else” pieces.
  • Digital Video System – These are videos that can both visualize and create stories around hearing health facts, helping patients contextualize what you’re trying to communicate, as well as keep them entertained.
  • Waiting Room Assessment – First impressions count! Try to see your waiting room through the eyes of your patient. Note physical cues like the arrangement of chairs and decor, as well as whether or not reading materials are current, how clear your television picture is, and even how your waiting room smells!

About the Speaker: Michele Ahlman is president and CEO of, a provider of devices for the hearing impaired, and ClearDigital Media, Burr Ridge, Ill, which has created the Hearing Health News Network (HHN). HHN is delivered via wired or wireless Internet to your waiting room and features a customizable playlist of hearing-related items to benefit your patients.

This Video Spotlight is shared with the 4MyHearingBiz community courtesy of ClearSounds Communications and CareCredit.