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Today’s Expert

Elissa Sorkowitz-Lejeune, HIS

Elissa Sorkowitz-Lejeune, HIS

Elissa Sorkowitz-Lejeune is a licensed hearing instrument specialist (HIS), and a partner in the highly successful, family-owned Royal Palm Hearing Aid Center in Florida. She has worked in the hearing care industry for more than 25 years, in all aspects of private practice, and also has hands-on experience in hearing instrument manufacturing. She has worked closely with all the major hearing instrument manufacturers and suppliers over the years, and continues to stay abreast of the latest available hearing aid technology.

Today’s Question

How do I separate my practice from other hearing care practices in my geographical location? Do you have any tips that might give me an edge in my local market/community?

Today’s Answer

There is no better advertising than word of mouth. There is no better way to separate yourself from the competition than by doing great things in your community.

Answers to your questionsAnyone can throw an advertisement in a newspaper, but actually getting out into your local community and getting involved in things that are meaningful to you is a way to meet people, and also to let the community know the projects you are working on. These activities raise your “public profile” as a hearing care provider, and also as an involved community member. You can think of it as free publicity–kind of like community outreach marketing, or “cause marketing,” for you and your hearing care practice. This will give you an edge in your local market.

What are you most passionate about–in both hearing care and in your local community? Figure out what your passions are, and get out there and share your enthusiasm and your desire to help other people in your area. Very likely, you can combine your professional interests with something that also will help your neighbors.

For example, I have always been really into hearing loop technology. I have been fascinated by it for so many years! In the last few years, I have made it my business to get out and let people know that this technology actually exists, and to educate them about how it works. I do a lot of public speaking in this area, and as a result of those efforts, we have been able to get four major venues in our local area looped. I am really excited about this for our community!

I’m also very passionate about helping homeless people, and helping to send foster children and homeless children to college. My patients know this. They give me their old hearing aids to help these people. Next month I will become president of the Boca Raton Kiwanis. I think this role will help raise my public profile as a hearing care provider, and also help me accomplish more in our community.

My point is…by getting involved in local issues and causes, you will be able to do good for other people, and you will also gain respect in your local community for doing great things. This is a virtuous circle that leads people right to your doorstep.

I suggest that you choose causes or groups that bring meaning to your life, as you will be spending lots of time on these projects!


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