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Elissa Sorkowitz-Lejeune, HIS

Elissa Sorkowitz-Lejeune, HIS

Elissa Sorkowitz-Lejeune is a licensed hearing instrument specialist (HIS), and a partner in the highly successful, family-owned Royal Palm Hearing Aid Center in Florida. She has worked in the hearing care industry for more than 25 years, in all aspects of private practice, and also has hands-on experience in hearing instrument manufacturing. She has worked closely with all the major hearing instrument manufacturers and suppliers over the years, and continues to stay abreast of the latest available hearing aid technology.

Today’s Question

I know that patient retention is important to the success of my practice, but my office seems to be struggling with this. Do you have any tips for how to retain patients?

Today’s Answer

Retention is certainly key to the success of your practice. My tip is this: I make it extremely clear to each patient from the very beginning that we will be spending a lot of time together over the course of our lives. I explain that we will see each other whenever necessary. My patients understand that they are always welcome to walk through my door when something isn’t working. I insist that every three months they have an appointment with me.

Royal Palm Hearing CenterThe key to the success of your fittings is follow up, follow up, follow up. When patients come in every three months, we make sure that we address all of their issues. These visits also give us a chance to catch up. During each of these return visits, I always talk about new technology, or what’s coming down the road. As a result, our patients often buy new hearing aids every three years. They are very involved in the process, and we are very involved in each other’s lives. I always joke with them that we are “married.” With this approach, they know that I am their hearing advocate and I will not abandon them through this process. Equally important–in our office we make sure to have everything available to give these people an amazing quality of life. They need to know that we offer everything they need in terms of their hearing health, so everyone on our staff makes sure to let them know that everything they need for better hearing is available here at our office, and that we are always here for them, too.

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