In this video spotlight, Jean Moody from CareCredit explains how a healthcare credit card is a smart business tool that helps hearing healthcare professionals attract new patients to their practice, and also helps patients overcome the barrier of cost and financial strain often associated with purchasing hearing aids and hearing care services.

Nola Aronson

Nola Aronson, owner of hearing practice Advanced Audiology

In the video, audiologist Nola Aronson, MA, CCC-A, owner of Advanced Audiology, discusses how she has been using this easy, budget-friendly financing tool to help patients purchase the hearing aids and other hearing care products and services they need–before they even leave her office. She discusses how offering an option that allows patients to make easy monthly payments over time–instead of paying for their hearing aids all at once–helps her to be a patient advocate, ensuring that people get the hearing treatments they need, as soon as they need them.

This Video Spotlight is shared with the 4MyHearingBiz community courtesy of Audiology Online and CareCredit.