Would you like to increase hearing aid sales in your hearing care practice? Research has shown that one of the primary reasons patients do not purchase the hearing instrument they need, or even seek an initial audiology consultation, is due to their concerns with cost. Therefore, if hearing care providers proactively offer and promote the availability of patient financing at their practice, such as CareCredit No Interest and Low Interest Payment Plans, they can encourage more patients to come in for a consultation and also help more patients say “yes!” to your hearing care recommendations.

Help more patients, and increase your sales by an average of 24%

When patients have the opportunity to easily pay for their hearing instrument over time with a CareCredit healthcare card, research shows that:

  • Practices experience a 24% increase in hearing aid sales;
  • The average selling price increases an average of $1,300;
  • Return rates are reduced 75%.

CareCredit DirectOffering CareCredit is simple and the application process only takes a few minutes. With high approval rates and instant credit decisions, patients can immediately move forward with the hearing aid you recommend without delaying or compromising care due to concerns over price.

Could you and your staff use more training and support to improve sales?

As a benefit to hearing care practices that become member providers, CareCredit provides ongoing team training and a wide variety of resources, including sample scripts and display materials to enhance patient communications. Plus, with CareCredit, the practice receives payment in two business days and the practice has no responsibility if the patient delays payment or defaults.

CareCredit is a Synchrony Financial company, and has been helping millions of people pay for needed and desired health expenses for nearly 30 years. CareCredit is a health, wellness and personal care credit card accepted through a national network of more than 195,000 healthcare providers and health-focused retailers. For more information on CareCredit, call 800-300-3046 or visit the CareCredit website. For more information about Synchrony Financial visit www.synchronyfinancial.com. Additional information is available at Facebook.com/CareCredit or Twitter.com/CareCredit.

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Image credits: CareCredit; © Konstantin Chagin | Dreamstime.com