In April 2016, prior to the AudiologyNOW! 2016, American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Convention in Phoenix, Ariz, The Hearing Review hosted a “Patient Path to Purchase” symposium sponsored by CareCredit that drew a full audience of audiologists and other providers from the hearing care industry. A panel of experts gave presentations and provided survey results on the variables involved in a patient’s journey to purchasing hearing aids and services.

Panel talks were given by Hearing Review Editor-in-chief Karl Strom, CareCredit VP Randy Baldwin, Motivational Speaker Bernie Stoltz, Hearing Care Expert Wayne Staab, PhD, Dental Practice Owner Howard Ong, DDS, and Audiologist Sugata Bhattacharjee, AuD, CCC-A, followed by a Q&A session with attendees.

Karl Strom

Karl Strom, Editor-in-chief, The Hearing Review

In this video clip from the “Patient Path to Purchase” symposium, Karl Strom, chief editor of The Hearing Review, presents key findings from a recent hearing aid pricing survey that was commissioned by the publication. 

If you weren’t able to attend this special symposium at AAA 2016, this video clip offers highlights of the insightful data and tools that were shared to help business owners and hearing professionals succeed in private practice.