In April 2016, in advance of the AudiologyNOW! 2016, American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Convention in Phoenix, Ariz, The Hearing Review hosted a “Patient Path to Purchase” symposium sponsored by CareCredit that drew an audience of audiologists and hearing industry experts. The focus of the event was understanding a patient’s path to purchasing hearing aids and services.

Symposium Panelists

Symposium panelists (L to R): Karl Strom, Howard Ong, Sugata Battacharjee, Bernie Stoltz, Randy Baldwin, Wayne Staab, Matt Boehler

CareCredit VP Randy Baldwin shared results of a recent research study commissioned by CareCredit, which examined consumer behavior in regard to healthcare. Hearing Review Editor-in-chief Karl Strom shared results of a new hearing aid pricing study commissioned by The Hearing Review. Both studies provided information and insights geared to helping private practice owners tailor their businesses strategies and marketing activities towards attracting more patients and successfully selling more hearing aids to the patients who need them.

Panel talks were given by Hearing Review Editor-in-chief Karl Strom, CareCredit VP Randy Baldwin, Motivational Speaker and Healthcare Practice Coach Bernie Stoltz, Hearing Care Expert Wayne Staab, PhD, Dental Practice Owner Howard Ong, DDS, MAGD, and Audiologist Sugata Bhattacharjee, AuD, CCC-A, followed by a Q&A session involving the audience.

The diverse gathering of panelists provided a variety of perspectives on what is needed to succeed in private practice, including a “big picture” perspective from Bernie Stoltz, who shared tips based on his experience coaching thousands of doctors and care providers from all health disciplines on becoming their professional best. The broad business tips provided by Stoltz, which included the need to offer patients third-party financing to help them receive hearing aids, complemented the more hearing-industry-specific tips offered to attendees by hearing care experts Staab and Bhattacharjee.

Why include a dentist on an expert panel at a hearing industry event? The remarkable success that Dr. Ong has achieved with the business strategies he applies in his dental practice translate across disciplines, and can be applied in hearing care with similar outcomes. In the panel discussion, Dr. Ong outlines his strategies for practice success.

If you weren’t able to attend the “Patient Path to Purchase” symposium at AAA 2016, view this video clip to hear about the data, insights and tools that the expert panelists shared to help private practice owners find greater success in the ever-changing hearing care industry.